Volunteer Programme

Afrishare Solutions offers a wide range of educational exchange opportunities in

Volunteer Placements

We will place Individuals according to skills and interest. Individuals enrolled in the Volunteer Abroad or Internship Abroad programs will complete a Skills & Interests Survey, which helps us to match you with a local Partner Program. This ensures that you are volunteering in a project that interests you and that the local Partner Programs can also benefit from your work. The Volunteer Profile is the primary tool that Afrishare staff uses to match your skills and interests with the needs of our partner projects. Our placements are designed in partnership with sustainable community initiatives, and your work directly helps them carry out their objectives. Your skills and interests, start date, and length of stay are all carefully considered when we meet with our Partner Programs.

Placements are assigned according to your preference and experience. This allows us to address the immediate concerns of each of the Partner Programs, so your work is always relevant and timely. You can expect to receive detailed information about one week prior to your program start date. Your program correspondent is always available to answer any questions you may have about your placement.

Suggested program lengths vary from 2 weeks to 1 year. We pride ourselves on being flexible and customizing a program to fit individual needs of each volunteer. Our first volunteers started to arrive in February 2009 and since then we have had good flow of volunteers and the number has being increasing day after day. We have a housing capacity of 16 people at one but if needed we can host up to 20 people on a special arrangement.

We are grateful for the achievement on the services offered to our volunteers and proud of their productive work that they have achieved in the community so far. We hope to continue the growth and be capable of offering aid to even more local organizations as our number of volunteers grow.

Perspective Programming & Field Trips

There will be different Perspective Programming that will take place inside home base and outside home base. After lunch, lessons will be offered on: Tanzanian education system, Tanzanian politics, Tanzanian economic structures, health issues and HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tanzania & Africa, and gender issues from our guest speaker experts. This session can take place at our home base or we can arrange to go out where we can meet the speakers on their original work place in order to understand more of what is taking place in the field.

We will expose you to the different field activities such as educational tour out of Moshi town to different places for the purpose of learning peoples life styles and culture, visiting ancient caves used by people to hide in during the slave trade era, learning about cultural economy, traditional home, local market, social activities of the people in the region, waterfalls and more.

Coordination of Diverse Community Engagement Activities

Volunteers will be able to participate in on-going different community activities socially and economically.Volunteers will be able to bring a positive change towards world understanding and humanity.

This is full programs fees which includes all transport to and from placement, airport pickup, airport drop off,education trips, swahili language training,cultural orientation and different afternoon sessions, all meals, accomodation, electricity, water etc.

Volunteer program fee:

2 weeks 900
3 weeks 1350
4 weeks 1750
5 weeks 2150
6 weeks 2350
7 weeks 2750
2 months 3150
3 months 4800
4 months 5800
5 months 6800
6 months 7800

however we do have a daily price which is $20 per day per person which inludes all meals(3), meals a day and accomodations, water, electicity.
Does not include the test program mentioned above but can be arranged on volunteer need.
We also do have price of $15 per day which is bed and breakfast only.


Transport will be provided upon your arrival and departure from Tanzania, as well as to and from your work placement. Our van will be leaving each work day at 7:30 am to placements and begin pick up around 11:30. For volunteer to be back home for lunch and followed by afternoon perspective programming/afternoon activities such as introduction to kiswahili language, cultural orientations, health issues,different educational tours/visit etc. This is conducted on the first two weeks which is very important things which will help them to master the environment well
However those who will be needed to go back to their placement or remain for the full day due to the importance of their work on particular days will be allowed to stay or special arrangement.


Includes house keeping, home security, bed, sheets and towels, laundry for the bed,sheets and home towels, you will be responsible to wash or pay some one to wash your own clothes.


You will be provided with three meals a day: Breakfast (before work) Lunch (after work) and Dinner (evening).The food will be both continental and local from our professional chefs.