Afrishare intership

Afrishare internship programs offer opportunities for university students, researchers, groups and individuals to gain real-world experience and increase their knowledge within their chosen field. Placements are available within the fields of education, health, social work, and community development.

Afrishare solution will arrange all the contracts and paperwork needed for internship, including volunteering permit. When you arrive we will pick you from Kilimanjaro International Airport and you will stay comfortably in our Afrishare house together with other interns and volunteers. In the beginning of your trip we will familiarize you with the local language and culture in a couple of days of orientation.

Our workers will take good care of you during your whole trip. On the weekends you can attend different safaris or other short trips and after your internship period you can climb Mount Kilimanjaro or have a relaxing holiday on Zanzibar island. So make sure you have time for longer trips after your internship period!