Afrishare solutions

The word Afrishare means bringing people together in Africa to share experiences,expertise and resources for the further development of one world community that promotes cooperation, tolerance, peace and humanitarian support. People come to Africa, especially Tanzania, to share and exchange different opportunities with local community. The local community benefits from this exchange and the people who are visiting return home with new skills and a broader cultural understanding we "share" in Africa. Afrishare means leaving behind cultural misunderstandings and focusing on positive attributes worldwide communities have in common.

Afrishare Solutions is a group of community activists that advocate for responsible volunteering and tourism within Tanzania and East Africa. We seek to support ongoing community projects through volunteers and advocate for cross-cultural exchange which build international solidarity .The organization is registered as non profit making under Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children in Tanzania 2009.
Through our years of experience, we have found that although travelers are inspired to make social change, to no fault of their own, they often perform more harm than good. With Afrishare Solutions you have the opportunity to take a step in a new direction. We are open for participants of all nationalities and ideologies.

Volunteer with Afrishare Solutions because we are your travel partners for the betterment of humanity and a deeper world connection.

Why volunteer


Transferring knowledge educating young people, that is what it's all about. There are many different groups of people in need that we assist, especially younger children .They are in need of education and to experience other lifestyles from around their region and the world. Volunteering regardless of "wealth" and status is more about just helping others.
Volunteering helps people to get to know different societies in deeper positive way. It promotes humanity on equal sharing of different opportunity.
Volunteering promotes and builds friendships and partnership among the people in the world, this is one way of unifying people of different community to come together for the better understanding of the world people live in. Further more, volunteering promotes peace, love, care and solidarity for the betterment human kind.

Therefore volunteering is not only about to help, it is also about taking our responsibility to others, learning and sharing different opportunities in life. We should understand and accept that some of us are more gifted than others purposely or due to the different factors in life. Therefore we are representatives to them, we should help others who are less privileged and by doing that we will have done our responsibility.

Our vision

Our mission

Through an exchange of ideas and knowledge, Afishare will help Tanzania improve their work ethic, tap into their passion, and implement lasting and self-replicating change through Tanzania.

Volunteer programme

Afrishare Solutions offers wide range of educational exchange opportunities in Education,groups empowerment,Orphanages, HIV/AIDS Outreach Programs.

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Cultural Learnings

Afrishare Solutions offers a wide range of educational exchange through culture learnings, a visitor will learn swahili language, maasai and bushmen tribes culture learning

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Tanzania safaris and trekking

Afrishare also offer tour and safari trekking services in different areas of Tanzania and East Africa.

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